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Why take a study trip to Canadá?

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The study trips are an unforgettable experience that will make you grow as a person and student. There are many destinations, depending on the language you want to learn or improve.

If English is your favorite language, Canada is an excellent choice.

Here are 10 reasons why Canada should be your next travel destination.

1.- One of the best countries to study

Education in Canada has a great reputation, studies carried out in Canada are recognized throughout the world thanks to its quality and excellence throughout the education sector. When you return to your country you can include your studies in Canada in your CV, which will give you an academic and work advantage.

The United Nations (UN) has ranked Canada among the 10 best countries to live thanks to its education system, life expectancy and low levels of crime and violence.

2.- A safe country to study

Canada offers a safe environment for international students. You can go out alone or with friends, enjoy the nightlife, attend events, do outdoor activities, sports, use public transport, get to know places of interest and travel to other cities with peace of mind and safety. Learn about student life in Canada.

Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal have earned recognition as world-class cities to live due to their safety, cultural activities and cleanliness.



3.- It is multicultural

Canada is a multicultural and multiracial country that respects and promotes diversity. Here you can taste delicious dishes of authentic Japanese, Indian, Thai, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Mexican, Persian and other food. You can also learn about other traditions by attending events and festivals of other cultures.

study trip to cowichan canada with viaja y aprende

4.- It has a great natural beauty

Can you imagine going kayaking with friends from other parts of the world and then camping in the middle of nature with spectacular scenery?

In Canada there is a diverse geography and many outdoor spaces to explore sites such as mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, and much more.

5.- Canada is cheaper to study than other countries

One more reason to study in Canada are costs. The tuition fees for studying languages, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, doctorates or any specific academic program, are cheaper than in other countries. Depending on the school, it can be between 20 and 40% cheaper. Know the cost of living in Canada.

6.- Canada has a lot of snow and mountains

Would you like to ski or snowboard? Or just skating on ice or walking on a snowy mountain?

Canada is the perfect place to do it. In places like Vancouver, the mountains for skiing are only minutes from the city.

7.- Bilingual nation

Canada has two official languages: English and French. The vast majority of French-speaking inhabitants live in the province of Quebec, in the eastern part of the country. In Québec, they also speak English. If your interest is to study French, you definitely have to do it in Montreal or Québec.

In the rest of Canada, mainly English is spoken. To learn English it is advisable to study in cities such as Vancouver or Toronto where you can be totally immersed in the language.

 study trip to ilac canada with viaja y aprende

8. It's fun

It has something for everyone, in the after-school day: winter and summer sports, shops, nightlife, museums, restaurants, sporting events, galleries, concerts by great musicians, festivals, and lots of entertainment.

9.- Canada is fashionable

It has all the brands of clothing and fashion products. It has large shopping centers and avenues to go shopping. You can find a lot of electronic items: computers, cell phones, cameras, video games, 3D screens and of course all the products of the big brands; all this at cheaper prices than in other countries.

10.- Climate

Not everything in Canada is snow and cold, the country has the 4 seasons of the year well defined and in each of them has a different climate. For example, in summer you can enjoy the intense sun on the beach while in winter you will have fun doing activities in the snow that you may have never experienced before.

That the cold does not stop you in winter. Schools, houses, public transport, shops and all enclosed spaces have heating.


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