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Why take a study trip to Germany?

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When you decide that you want to study another language abroad, the options are many and it is very difficult to choose. You usually think of popular destinations like Canada, the United States, and even Australia.

However, there are many options beyond the English language that also allow you to know other cultures and ways of thinking.

In Travel and Learn, one of the main destinations that we promote is Germany; From a camp of 2 to 4 weeks, language in the summer, being these two programs for young people from 9 to 17 years, we also have semester or an academic year for secondary or preparatory for young people from 14 to 17 years and in addition to the programs for adults, where you can go from something simple that is to study the language from 2 weeks to a year or something more complex but training and that will open the doors to the business world and work, as is to do your entire university career (Bachelor), a master's degree (Master's degree) or a PhD (PhD), being able to do it in German or English, if your study area offers it in the latter language.

Germany is very well known to us, not only because my family comes from there, but throughout my whole life I have been in contact with that wonderful country and I love its culture.

Now, let me explain the reasons why I think Germany is a good option for you.

Why study in Germany?

1. Immersion in another language

When we think of studying another language, the first one that comes to mind is English. We grow up watching movies with that language, all the internet and our expressions often have a little bit of Anglicisms. So, taking a study trip to Germany you have the opportunity to learn a new language, plus you can practice your English too, because there are many international students who use this language to communicate with each other.



2. Know a country full of history and culture

Germany is one of the countries in Europe with more history, some are good and others can be sad, but through them it is a country that has left us an important legacy and knowing them will surely be important for your personal and academic growth. It is also a country full of attractions in all its cities. In your leisure time, you will have many options of things to do.

study trip to bonn Germany with viaja y aprende

3. Gastronomy

Traveling to Germany is also a gastronomic experience. Over there there is a very strong taste to maintain the gastronomic culture. Germans love sausages, especially sausages, and have a production of more than 150 different kinds of sausages. They also have a great bakery, so you have good reasons to visit Germany.

Some of the best known sweets are the Lebkuchen, which is a special Christmas cookie covered with chocolate, the Rote Grütze, a type of red fruit jam prepared with starch and other ingredients and of course, we can not miss: the Brezels, those Breads that can be sweet or salty.

There is also a large production and consumption of table wines, both red and white.

And of course, we can not forget the beer. In Germany there is a production and a high consumption of that drink. And that is why there is a party that celebrates beer in October; the Oktoberfest. The event created in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of King Ludwig I and which remains to this day as a tradition in German gastronomic culture.

4. Grow in your professional career and job perspective

Besides being a great experience of life and improving your language, taking a study trip to Germany is also a great opportunity to grow in your professional career if you decide to study your university career (Bachelor), your Master's degree (Master's degree) or your Doctorate (PhD).

The German language has several competitive advantages over other languages ​​and here we mention some of them: it is the second most used language in scientific publications and the third with the most contributions in research. It is the most spoken language within Europe because of the number of people who practice it. There is a large number of German corporate brands of very prestigious worldwide and very important industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutics, technology, sportswear among others. So speaking German will open many doors for you.

In addition to that, the government of Germany makes a very large investment in education every year, so studying in Germany and adding it to your curriculum vitae will increase your professional and work opportunities in your country or abroad.

It is a great idea to choose Germany as an academic destination. Here in Travel and Learn we have special packages for that study trip based on your tastes and needs.

At Viaja y Aprende it will be a pleasure to advise you.

study trip to Köln Germany with Viaja y Aprende

Many friends of Viaja y Aprende like Max and Santiago, were in German lands in their academic year, taking 4th year of high school. See here how was your experience:


"I wanted to take this email to thank you again for organizing this exchange trip, it has truly been an unforgettable experience. If I'm honest, I do not want to go back to Mexico! "

Max - school year student in Germany


I am Andrea Korb, a member of Viaja y Aprende, I would love to personally talk about many enriching experiences such as Max's and the great benefits that Germany offers for your personal and academic development.


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