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About Viaja y Aprende

Specialist in Educacional and Language Study Trips

If your interest is to improve a language or to know a different culture, Viaja y Aprende offers you all the necessary advice in trips, camps, student exchange years and business trips.

We have extensive experience in the different educational and business levels:

  • Primary school and junior high school
  • High school
  • University students and young adults
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businessmen and corporations

Hostorically we have focused mainly in Germany, Canada, England and France because of the academic level, multicultural training, natural resources and educational options offered by each of these countries.



Our mission is to contribute and support the educational development of young people, through three basic objectives: Learn or improve a language, meet students from around the world and grow as human beings, through travel as a life experience, thus supporting a more just and equitable society.


Our Story

We started in 2010 as an educational travel franchise, now 8 years have passed and we operate as an independent company strong allies abroad. We have our main destinations in Germany, Canada, France and England.

Within these countries we have a camp for young people from 9 to 17 years old, with and without a guide from Mexico, with recreational activities, sports and language classes; school years for middle school and high school, both in public schools living in family homes or private schools living in dormitories. We also have languages courses ​​for adults 18 years and older, there being no age limit to make the decision to undertake an adventure and attend from 2 weeks to 48 weeks to study a language in these destinations.

Within these 8 years we have found a true passion to work with people who try to excel and to be a better professional or a better person day by day and having more than one language in our private and working life is a great tool for those who own them will help you to have a better job performance but also make you a better human being, breaking down barriers and understanding and understanding better other cultures and customs.

In Travel and Learn, we are committed to finding the best option for each student based on their needs to meet with a specific language or country and thus maximize learning.

We have realized that through language, a technical career or a university career, you can plan your future better, having a better perspective of it.

In Travel and Learn we will be happy to assist you when you like, contact us and let us be part of this planning, through real and transparent advice so you can decide what is best for your personal and professional future.

Board of Directors

Andrea Korb Kuhlmann
Andrea Korb KuhlmannFOUNDING PARTNER
Ernesto Marbán Certucha
Ernesto Marbán CertuchaFOUNDING PARTNER
Sinecio Marbán Certucha
Sinecio Marbán CertuchaFOUNDING PARTNER

Why are we different?

For our professional advice, identifying needs and solving problems with proven suppliers of high quality and reliability. We give personalized follow-up 24/7 before and after the trip.


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